How many bites does one plate contain?

35 bites per type.

Is there additionaly transportation fee?

Yes. 20 lv. for the territory of Sofia.

Is there minimal order quantity (MOQ)?

Yes, 5 plates.

How many days in advance, does the purchase of food need to be placed?

Up to 10 plates - 24 hours; Over 10 plates - 2 days.

What is the time needed for an Event organisation?

5 days.

How can I place an order?

Please call : 0888 93 44 93 or 0889 58 09 29

May I cancel my purchase?

You may cancel your order 12 hours before the delivery.

May I change the offer if I want?

You may make changes or additions to the order 6 hours before the event.

How may I pay for the purchase?

The payment is made on place, or up to 3 days after the delivery.

How may I receive more information?

You may contact us by phone or by e-mail. Please visit the contacts page.